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There is beauty in old clothes, because there is value in their story, in the things they have lived through.

Atelier Éveil Ludique likes clothes with a past life, even if we can’t always know the whole story behind them.

But we can project our vision onto these clothes, and this vision reminds us to do the right thing.

Can we make intelligence the new cool? Kindness? Or the strength to overcome the desires which are leading us to our end?

In all honesty, it seems rather simple.

Atelier Eveil Ludique [ atəlje evɛj lydik ] was started in 2019 by Mirco Bercelli, out of a small atelier space in the heart of Paris. After briefly working in the fashion industry in Delhi, India, and witnessing first hand the dreadful conditions in which mass-produced clothing is made, Mirco decided to establish a brand which garments would be created locally, using exclusively second-hand clothing as raw materials.

About A.E.L.: Qui sommes-nous
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