FrankensTee 2

FrankensTee 2

We went through the bin at our friend Shlag Lag's screenprinting and T-shirt making studio. They saw the desperation in our eyes for leftover garments and discarded pieces of fabric. We struck gold when they handed us a box full of over-printed T-shirts, the ones they had been using to test out their screens. We ran home, like Gollum into his cave, and started cutting up the loot immediately. On that stormy night, we gave life to a series of recomposed T-shirts, like the forgotten children of Dr.Frankenstein. 


Recomposed T-shirts made from unsold stock, secondhand and discarded garments, 100%, screenprinted with various logos. All unique, quality and finition may vary.


Size XS

Top to Bottom : 71 cm 

Shoulder to Shoulder : 43cm 

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