AEL Split Levi's 501

AEL Split Levi's 501

Split Levi's 501 - US 30 / Fr 39.5


"New" is the new boring : A.E.L. offers you a chance to save the planet, slowly, but surely, by breathing back life into an old pair of Levi's 501 denim, preventing them from going out at sea to destroy the corals.


    US 30 / FR 39.5
    Length 91cm
    100% coton, 100% Levi's, 100% second life.


    The jeans used to create this split have had a full, free range life, out in this wild world. Therefore, they come with their fair share of tear (poetry). Nothing bad, we just thought you oughta know.

    Splitting, as you guessed, consist of scissoring up two pairs of jeans and glueing them back together with skill (and thread, not glue); what we mean by this is that everything won't be perfect. But that's what one would call "having a personnality". Don't be scared to ask for photos and info before your purchase.

110,00 € Regular Price
55,00 €Sale Price
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